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As the way we work changes, collaboration is the name of the game! Over the last two years, we’ve seen a significant rise in the use of multiple tools to make that collaboration happen. We’ve also seen a rise in cyber criminals targeting those tools for their own gain.

In this webinar we’re joined again by Brandon Kirkpatrick with our partner Trend Micro. We’ll be talking about how properly protecting your collaboration tools goes beyond what they provide. And how extra protection can make all the difference in a cyber-attack.

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Watch our conversation with Brice Kohara, Regional Partner Manager with RingCentral.

Brice chatted with us about how the way we communicate has changed significantly. We learned about how RingCentral can help you transform your communications internally & externally from anywhere, at any time on any device!

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Join the conversation as we talk with John Reith, Partner Manager and Licensed Insurance Agent at DataStream Insurance Experts. We’ll be discussing the lessons that have been learned from years of experience in the defense & intelligence community, cyber security, IT, and cyber insurance.

This webinar will focus on businesses’ practical steps to prepare for an inevitable cyber incident.

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As we move forward into 2022, our reliance on our IT infrastructure continues to grow.
Unfortunately, cyber criminals are seizing on this growth and a recent study showed that the small business community is their favorite target.

In order to combat these threats, cyber resiliency is key to keeping your office safe from these attacks. Join us for our May webinar where we’ll have a conversation with Michael DePalma from Datto covering:

1. Who are behind these attacks and why are they targeting the small business community?
2. What do these attacks mean to your business?
3. Simple ways to mitigate these risks.
4. Ways in which you can reduce your downtime should an attack occur.

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The Zero Trust framework is based on the principle of “never trust, always verify.”   

Join us and Ben Jenkins, Director, Cybersecurity at Threat Locker to talk about Zero Trust. We’ll discuss why MSPs are adopting it as well as how this technology enables LammTech to protect your business from malware and other malicious cyber threats.  

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In the world of cyber security, DLP is a subject that tends to stand out as its own vertical. Security teams and admins are focused on malware, bad actors, potential breaches and preventing the potential impact of an outside malicious force. These are all factors that must be considered in the modern information security landscape. However, when discussing Data Loss Prevention, we are asking different questions.

Questions like, do our standard operating procedures potentially leave my sensitive data vulnerable? What about someone who works for the company and has access to most of this data? What can we do to ensure they don’t intentionally or unintentionally expose that information to those who would misuse it? Lastly, how do I make sure that the compliance directives I’m required to follow are enforced and regularly reported on?

In this webinar we’ll look at how to begin this conversation and answer some of these questions. You’ll come away with a 3-step process to get you started. Then we’ll look at how LammTech and Trend Micro can help you with limiting the exposure of your most sensitive and confidential data.

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Cyberthreats are more prevalent then ever, and the damage that can be done by an attack is extensive.

Your business can have all the right plans and tools in place, but is you aren’t properly training your employees, all those preparations will ultimately fail.

Join us as Katie Wallace for Kaseya walks us through why Security Awareness Training is the most important step in protecting your business from cyber-attacks.

From mitigating cyberthreats to promoting confidence in your employees, security awareness training is an invaluable asset to your business. If you haven’t already invested in a security training program, let us convince you!

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With the constant barrage of stories in the news about large cyber-attacks, it can be difficult to understand what your business can do to prevent an attack from happening to you.

The problem in the small business community is that since the stories that make the news are typically in the enterprise or public sectors, the reaction is typically either ‘Why would the criminals spend time attacking me’ or ‘If an organization the size of Colonial Pipeline can be attacked, what chance do I have?’

The question you should be asking isn’t simply how secure your business is, but instead how cyber resilient is your business?

In this webinar Michael DePalma from Datto will break down the well-publicized attacks in the recent months and discuss ways you can ensure you are prepared to combat these criminals.

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If you use email, social media, or shop online, it’s extremely likely that you’ve had your credentials compromised at least once. Probably more than once. There are a multitude of ways that this can happen, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about.
For our June webinar we are excited to partner with Kaseya for a presentation by Katie Wallace. Katie is a Channel Success Manager with Kaseya and is well versed in the topic of Digital Risk.

For this webinar we’ll go over:

  • How a compromised credential can lead to a data breach, and what cybercriminals do with a credential once they’ve obtained them.
  • Current landscape of threats against SMBs and how they are evolving with an increased remote workforce.
  • Action steps you can take now to educate your employees and create a culture of cybersecurity.

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Training your team and auditing performance is the frontline of defense for safe computing. Choosing the right security framework establishes a strong foundation to build a comprehensive strategy.

In this webinar we will discuss what tools are available and which ones you should implement to safeguard your cyber resources. Not everyone has the same needs.

We will help you understand potential risks and identify the solutions to reduce your exposure to loss. We will conclude by discussing how to balance your technology spend while maintaining an acceptable cybersecurity posture that fits your tolerance.

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Michael DePalma from Datto joins us this month to talk about one of our most popular topics… Ransomware!

A survey of over 1,000 global managed service providers showed that the ransomware epidemic continues to wreak havoc on the business community. In this webinar we will cover:

1. How COVID-19 and the shift to remote work has impacted ransomware trends
2. The various tactics hackers are using and the industries they’re targeting
3. What the aftermath of an attack looks like
4. Ransomware attack prevention and recovery methods

You won’t want to miss this discussion!

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Join us as we sit down with Mitel to discuss Unified Communications and MiCloud Connect! Mitel’s user-friendly hosted platform allows you to take your office phone anywhere, so that no matter if you’re in the office, or your office at home you’ll be able to communicate effectively!

Don’t worry, no moving of your actual phone is required!

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Is your workplace searching for a collaboration tool to fit a dual workplace environment?

With remote work becoming a norm, the office isn’t the only place you’ll find employees these days. With this shift we’ve seen a rise in the need for a way to seamlessly communicate and collaborate with team members, no matter where they may be.

Have you heard about Microsoft Teams?

In this webinar, we’re partnering with Centriq to discuss why Teams could be a great option when it comes to connecting. We’ll go over the basics so you can see core features such as Chat, Calls, and Files and we’ll show you how Teams and Channels can help you keep everyone organized and up to speed.

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