Eliminate technology pain and focus on patient care.

LammTech understands the complexities of healthcare IT. When even the smallest technology-related issues arise in today’s healthcare environment, critical business processes can slow down or stop, and the problem escalates.

With LammTech managing the day-to-day technology needs of your organization, you will have assurance that your systems and workflows are running at optimum performance, allowing you to focus on what’s important: improving outcomes and the patient experience.

No matter the size of your practice or its stage in the process of Meaningful Use adoption, LammTech is up-to-date on the latest compliance regulations and has the expertise to advise you through the process of selecting, implementing, or optimizing the right EHR/EMR system for your organization.

Here’s how LammTech will help:

  • Assure optimal performance – of mission critical applications and EHR/EMR systems.

  • Enable secure access – to critical patient information from any approved device.

  • Mitigate exposure – to HIPAA and HITECH compliancy violations.

  • Coordinate support – to provide a single point of contact for software vendors and problem remediation.

  • Develop a technology budget – to meet the needs of your practice.