People often ask me, “Where do you think technology is going?” While that question is pretty common, my typical response is quite the contrary; “How do you plan to use it on the trip?” Next, I am often presented with a blank expression.

The point I’m trying to make is that technology is, and always will be, an enablement tool. It allows us to handle more transactions, communicate more frequently and in greater volume. It also allows us to remove geographical boundaries when conducting business; everything is immediate. However as they say in the comic books— with great power comes great responsibility.

In today’s terms, that responsibility comes in the form of securing the massive amount of information you are accumulating. This includes everything from customer records and credit card information to your own employees’ social security numbers and payroll information. An internal reflection of what you currently have on your computer might be surprising. Too often business owners are cavalier about what they possess and unnecessarily expose themselves to risk.

Business owners are presented with a myriad of options for using computers in their business today. Whether storing your data on your computers in your office, paying to have your information hosted in ‘the cloud’, or a blend of both, information is everywhere. The big question from the first paragraph, “How are you going to use it?” needs to be expanded to “How are you going to use it to make your business better?”

The evolution of technology is far outpacing our ability to benefit from its consumption. Like most anything, overconsumption usually turns out bad—and under consumption leaves you hungry. Finding a balance will yield the desired results, and LammTech can help you find the balance that works for you. Not every business is alike.

-Robert Lamm