If you work in an office, you know the daily struggles of a laggy computer or a glitchy printer. You often day dream of the latest technology, serving as your trusty sidekick to get your work done in lightning speed! Stop day dreaming and start moving towards the future (or at least this decade). Here are a few pieces of technology that you should resolve to upgrade in the New Year.


Think about all the work you could get done if your programs would open faster, documents and images would load more quickly and you wouldn’t have to force-quit your browser every hour. For businesses, computers and laptops need to be updated every 3-4 years to decrease the chance that hard drives will fail or other fatal problems will occur. Here are some signs that your computers and laptops are ready for an upgrade:

  • It’s slow
  • You spend a lot of time fixing it
  • It’s noisy
  • You can’t install any updates

Office Phones

If you have interns that don’t know how to use your landline phones – it might be time to upgrade your 20-year-old phone system. Many companies are still using phone systems on a daily basis, and with phone technology improving at a high rate, it’s important to keep up with not only the technology, but your competitors as well. Consider switching to a flexible IP-based phone system and unified communications plan to increase operational efficiency.


Almost every office has that one printer or copy machine that’s been there for longer than all the employees, it seems. It’s clunky, it’s ugly and it most certainly gets jammed about every 3 times someone tries to use it. Do yourself and your coworkers a favor by updating to a multipurpose copier/printer. New machines can lower your printing costs, improve print quality and will need less maintenance than older machines.

Smart Phone

If the company issues smart phones for some or all its employees, they need to be updated on a yearly basis. New phones have the latest software and features that will keep your technology compatible and increase the security of the device. As newer models continue to be released, hackers find new ways to penetrate older versions – so upgrading your phones could keep you and your company’s data safe!


If you have TVs or projectors in your conference rooms, you might want to consider updating these every 5 years. In half a decade, technology changes so much that you might not even realize the capabilities that new TVs and projectors have. This could help you improve your video conferences, show presentations more clearly and collaborate effectively on a team project.

Making the right choices by upgrading your technology now can save you time and money in the future. As important as efficiency is to your company’s bottom line, security should go hand-in-hand as well. That’s why at LammTech, we help small to medium-sized businesses help secure and manage their technology. If you have questions about your company’s technology, call LammTech today at 660-827-9944 or email info@lammtech.com.