As business owners and leaders, you do your best to make sure that you have covered all of your bases and have a plan for anything that might go wrong. You think your business and its data are prepared for disaster.

But what constitutes a disaster?

You’ve planned for tornados, fires, and flooding. But what about the disasters that aren’t natural? A cyberattack or employee-generated issue could be just as disastrous to your business as anything that Mother Nature can throw your way.

Do you have a plan?

For the first session of our Leadership Series entitled “What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You,” LammTech brought together business leaders from the Columbia area to discuss the topic of disaster recovery and the importance of business continuity planning. Rob Lamm, President and CEO of LammTech, served as presenter and moderator for Session 1, and he stressed the fact that disasters such as crypto lock and other ransomware don’t just happen to large companies. Although the media often reports on large entities, such as hospitals, small businesses are not immune. If you have data of any kind, it can happen to you, costing you time, profit and the trust of your clients.

This is why Lamm touts the importance of having a business continuity and backup plan, and recommends those plans to all of his clients. Although it is never guaranteed that your business won’t be targeted, having a developed and tested plan in place could minimize the damage. A business continuity plan could mean the difference between hours and days that your business is not running at its peak, or maybe not even running at all.

Those who participated commented that they found value with the program and would implement steps they had learned in their own businesses, as well as attending future sessions. One attendee wrote: “There are so many things to consider and things change so much from year to year. This series is helpful to me as a business operator/owner who doesn’t have the time and the knowledge to stay up to date on IT matters.”

Session 2 of the Leadership Series has been scheduled for November 15 at Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center. The topic for the day will be “It’s Not You, It’s Them.” The discussion, with Rob Lamm presenting, will revolve around the different types of IT companies, what makes them profitable, and how that affects your businesses growth and productivity. We will also discuss key characteristics to look for when hiring staff or engaging an IT company. For more information, or to register for Session 2, please visit