Could a Business VOIP Solution Save You Money?

Any change to your business means assessing the initial cost, the long term costs, and the potential savings. Your company's phone system is critical to your ability to run your business efficiently - connecting with clients and customers reliably. If you switch to a VoIP system, will that help or hurt your business efficiency? And most importantly, what will it do to your bottom line? Connectivity Savings Whether you have customers around the world or [...]

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Crypto Virus

used with permission from ezMicro There is a new and very serious virus named CryptoLocker that is currently circulating the Internet. The threat involves an e-mail attachment that, if opened, will evade most anti-virus and anti-spyware software and encrypt data on your individual computer and your network, making it appear to be inaccessible. Please inform everyone to be extra vigilant about not opening attachments from questionable sources. The delivery is very clever and very malicious. [...]

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