cars-ins-cpuReally? When it all comes down to your decision-making, what drives your purchase? Sure there are the new features or body stylings on vehicles. There’s the faster processor or more storage on computers. Of course with insurance it is more matching coverage to needs. Independent agents represent many of the same insurance companies and everyone has the same rate to offer. So how do you choose?

It is most likely the customer service experience and the relationship that is created. Sure there’s the killer rebate on a Chevy, but there again, every Chevy dealer has it. Tell me you don’t feel special when the salesman calls you a year after buying your car to thank you for making your purchase. Or having a cup of coffee brought to you while waiting for a repair. In times where everyone seems to be cutting back to save money, the real success stories are about those who are offering more services, better customer service, and care more about “you” than a strict focus on the bottom line. The financial reward is a long-term customer who is loyal beyond compare and one who is willing to pay a little extra because they experience the value in the relationship.